Goodwinds.com experienced a major hiccough last week and our whole site went down for five days.  Five days!  That’s an eternity, and it’s caused us no end of headaches – we can only imagine how disappointing and frustrating it has been for you.  Despite our best efforts to purchase the best technology and have the brightest minds at our beck and call, sometimes stuff happens.  Goodwinds.com is hosted on a dedicated server and that server – all the hardware – burned up.  The backups that were supposed to have been made by multiple parties weren’t made or weren’t compatible (wait, what?  We know, it’s absurd, and we’re scratching our heads as to how this could have happened), so we have had to revamp a ridiculously old backup of our website.  It’s taken us a bit of time and stress and sweat, but thankfully, as of Sunday evening, May 17, we are back online.

Rest assured, we have all the carbon, fiberglass, connectors, line, and sail supplies you’ve come to expect from us IN STOCK and ready to ship to you.  If you saw something on the website last week and it’s not there this week, please give us a call!  It will take us some time to pick up the pieces of our broken heart website and get everything 100% current again.

NO CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION was compromised during this website explosion.  This was not an attack or a hacking and if you have entered a credit card into our website in the past, it has been expunged and definitely has not been stolen.  If you placed an order with us before the website crashed, we have your order, but we don’t have your credit card number and we’ll be giving you a call for payment this week.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.