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Blue Line Blowout – All Sets and Rolls ONLY $10

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Now is your chance to get some of the finest kite line ever made for a ridiculously low price!  That’s right, we’re discontinuing Blue Line and ALL Blue Line sets and rolls are now on sale for ONLY $10 EACH.  For some rolls, this represents savings of over $100!

The dual and quad line sets include sleeved, pre-stretched lengths of 100% Spectra, 2000 fibers per line, with tight, flawless braid structures, straps for flying, and a winder. Also known as Berry Blue Line, Blue Line kite line sets have been sold for years by Avia Sport Composites.


The rolls are the same great kite line, but in lengths of 1500 or 3000 feet, so you can cut your own custom-length lines.


Don’t delay because these will not last!  You can find our entire stock here.

Blue Line Bonanza!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

One of the great product lines Goodwinds inherited from Avia Sport Composites is Blue Line.  Blue Line is a renowned, pre-stretched spectra product, and Avia sold it as a line set and by the spool.  We currently have a great selection of the line sets, which include a winder, straps, and two (or four) sleeved lines for you kite. 

This is quite the experiment for Goodwinds.  As you know, we have always sold bulk spectra line.  This is our first foray into line sets, and we hope it turns out wonderfully.  We know that Blue Line has a great reputation as some of the world’s best flying line.  Let us know what you think!