Custom Roll Wrapping at Goodwinds

Goodwinds is now making custom roll-wrapped carbon tubes!  We spent the last year installing machinery and perfecting the craft so we can offer you the best in custom wrapped carbon. Wrapped carbon tubes can be: Tapered or cylindrical Twill weave or unidirectional... >>

Carbon Prices on the Rise

One of the great advantages to buying carbon rods and tubes from Goodwinds is the absence of minimum orders.  We have fantastic prices for low quantities, and quantity discounts when you order more.  The reason we are able to do this is that we purchase large... >>

Lazer Mic-ing Carbon Tubes

Some of Goodwinds’ customers require extremely straight rods and tubes for their applications.  Perhaps their end products are precision tools used in physics labs or aeronautics.  Perhaps a super-straight rod helps their arrows fly true or the airplane stay in... >>