Custom Composite Processes

Did you know that Goodwinds Composites has the ability to do all sorts of custom processes to carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes?  Not only will we custom cut composite rods and tubes to within .005″ of your specifications, but we can also sand, champfer,... >>

We Have Clearance, Clarence

Have you checked out Goodwinds’ clearance pages lately?  We’ve been adding all sorts of odds and ends at crazy prices!  Perfect for prototyping, fun craft projects, repairing RCs, or just about anything else you can dream up, our clearance items range from... >>

Carbon or Fiberglass? How to Choose

So you want to use a modern composite in your structure.  How do you choose between carbon and fiberglass? There are many factors that come into play, but the big ones are price, weight, conduction, and signal interference. Let’s start with price: fiberglass is... >>

Carbon Prices on the Rise

One of the great advantages to buying carbon rods and tubes from Goodwinds is the absence of minimum orders.  We have fantastic prices for low quantities, and quantity discounts when you order more.  The reason we are able to do this is that we purchase large... >>