Goodwinds LARP

Goodwinds has launched a new portal for boffer weapon supplies at www.goodwindslarp.com.  Are you a LARPer?  Do you build boffers?  We have durable fiberglass epoxy tubes for boffer cores at great prices.   What is LARP?  LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and... >>

Customer Profile: TableHockey

Wow!  Goodwinds customers sure do some amazing things with carbon and fiberglass!  Check out www.TableHockey.com and these wonderful table hockey games – each made with Goodwinds fiberglass rods.  These excellent mechanical hockey games are beautifully made by... >>

Fiberglass Art at the Dallas Love Field Airport

Goodwinds is proud to have provided fiberglass rods to artist Brower Hatcher of Mid-Ocean Studio for an amazing installation art project at the Dallas Love Field airport!  Described as “a whimsical torus of intertwined fiberglass rods,” Hatcher’s... >>

Goodwinds on the Schmooze Cruise

Goodwinds is very excited to be a part of the Economic Development Association of Skagit County’s Schmooze Cruise on April 19-20!  What does this entail?  If you are local or visiting, we will be giving tours of our facility and telling our story of business... >>

See You in Paris!

Next week, Paul de Bakker, Goodwinds’ Composites Engineer and Sales Rep, will be making the rounds at the JEC Europe Composites Show.  Goodwinds will have space at the Washington State Booth in the U.S. Pavilion and if you’ll be there, Paul would love to... >>

Log In to the NEW Goodwinds.com!

Phew!  The last few weeks and months have been intense, but we are pleased to direct your attention to the NEW www.goodwinds.com! We have worked hard to make www.goodwinds.com easier to navigate, more secure, and, well, prettier.  We’re still in the process of... >>

Customer Profile: Roscoe Guitars

Did you know that carbon fiber rods are becoming more and more commonly used by luthiers to reinforce guitar and bass guitar necks?  Luthiers are guitar makers, and they know that Goodwinds carbon rods provide excellent stiffness without a lot of added weight.  ... >>

Customer Profile: Newland Custom Batons

We love to hear what our customers do with our carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes.  We have been supplying Newland Custom Batons with solid carbon and fiberglass rods for years and they have been machining it into perfectly balanced, beautiful conducting batons.... >>

Carbon Tube Sale

Do you want to build with carbon tubes but find them to be too expensive?  Would you like to replace the fiberglass tubes in your kite with carbon tubes?  Do you have a project that requires many carbon tubes?  Well, Goodwinds has a fantastic deal for you!  We have... >>

Carbon or Fiberglass? How to Choose

So you want to use a modern composite in your structure.  How do you choose between carbon and fiberglass? There are many factors that come into play, but the big ones are price, weight, conduction, and signal interference. Let’s start with price: fiberglass is... >>
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