A couple of months ago, in the height of blueberry season, I was sitting at my desk holding baby Freddie when I heard a loud “CAW!” from out in the parking lot.  Goodwinds is located in an industrial part of town right next to the freeway, so “CAW!” was definitely not a normal sound to hear.  I looked outside to see a gentleman holding a bird of prey right outside his truck.  Turns out it was Kenley Christiansen from KC Falconry, come to pay us a visit and pick up an order of braided Dacron line.


KC Falconry makes braided falconry equipment, like  anklets, leashes, jesses, extenders, and harnesses, all available on their website at www.KCFalconry.com.  Additionally, Kenley and his falcons travel the country to provide pest control for farmers.  Here in Skagit County, blueberry growers used to use timed air horns to scare away the birds that would ravage the blueberry crop.  Kenley, who has been raising falcons since he was 13 years old, now brings his falcons to hunt and drive away the pesky birds.  Can you imagine how happy the neighbors of the blueberry farms must be at this innovation?  No more air horns going off every fifteen minutes throughout the season!


We at Goodwinds LOVE to learn about the cool things people do with our products.  Thanks, Kenley, for stopping by and sharing with us.  If you or your company does something interesting with Goodwinds’ products and would like to be featured here, drop me a line at amelia@goodwinds.com.