Goodwinds has launched a new portal for boffer weapon supplies at www.goodwindslarp.com.  Are you a LARPer?  Do you build boffers?  We have durable fiberglass epoxy tubes for boffer cores at great prices.


What is LARP?  LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and we have several LARP customers here at Goodwinds, all of whom are looking for a few things: cores and accessories for boffer weapons.  Filament Wound Epoxy Tubing, our lightweight fiberglass tubes, are ideal for the center, or core, of a LARP sword.  Typically wrapped with a foam pool noodle, the fiberglass tube is stiff enough to hold up but lightweight enough to be easy to carry as a boffer.  We also sell a variety of sticky-back tapes in multiple colors so you can customize your weapon.

Check out the new page and let us know what you think!