Dacron Line Back In Stock

As some of you probably noticed, Goodwinds has been short on Dacron line for some time.  American suppliers for Dacron line have dropped, one by one, over the past several years and, until recently, we had trouble stocking good quality, American-made, lightly-waxed... >>

Custom Roll Wrapping at Goodwinds

Goodwinds is now making custom roll-wrapped carbon tubes!  We spent the last year installing machinery and perfecting the craft so we can offer you the best in custom wrapped carbon. Wrapped carbon tubes can be: Tapered or cylindrical Twill weave or unidirectional... >>

GWComposites.com: Your Composites Resource

Ever wondered about pultrusion and how we get unidirectional carbon rods and tubes?  Do you understand how roll-wrapping works?  Which material is best for your project, carbon or fiberglass?  How closely can Goodwinds measure straightness in a rod?   Goodwinds... >>

Goodwinds has moved!

Goodwinds LLC has officially moved to 2629 Henson Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98274! We are excited to be in a bigger and better warehouse  to better serve our customers! Our new place will allow us to expand our business while still maintaining our exceptional level of... >>

Meet Baby James!

Congratulations to Amelia and Tony on their beautiful baby boy James DeWiley Cook! Born on Tuesday, June 28, 2011. He will join his big brother Charles at home! Here he... >>

Baby Damien

Well, you met baby Julius, now meet baby Damien, who arrived a mere three days after Julius: What a cutie he is!  It’s a baby boom at... >>