Customer Spotlight: Dale Hiking Staffs

It’s no secret that our customers are doing amazing things with composite rods and tubes. Wrapped carbon tubes, in particular, can be a precisely engineered component of a machine or product that is never seen by the consumer or a beautifully functional part of... >>

The Perfect Storm

Goodwinds.com experienced a major hiccough last week and our whole site went down for five days.  Five days!  That’s an eternity, and it’s caused us no end of headaches – we can only imagine how disappointing and frustrating it has been for you.... >>

KC Falconry Visits Goodwinds

A couple of months ago, in the height of blueberry season, I was sitting at my desk holding baby Freddie when I heard a loud “CAW!” from out in the parking lot.  Goodwinds is located in an industrial part of town right next to the freeway, so... >>

Deleonardis Blades

We absolutely LOVE hearing about the cool things that people do with our carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes!  One of our great customers is Deleonardis Blade Company.  Paul Deleonardis makes beautiful custom knives and pins the handles with carbon rods.  You can... >>

Goodwinds Hosts Diaper Drive

Goodwinds is proud to be a donation site for the Skagit Diaper Drive, happening this week, April 6-12, in Skagit County! The brainchild of our very own Amelia Cook (co-owner of www.goodwinds.com), the Skagit Diaper Drive is intended to help families in need.  Diapers... >>

Goodwinds LARP

Goodwinds has launched a new portal for boffer weapon supplies at www.goodwindslarp.com.  Are you a LARPer?  Do you build boffers?  We have durable fiberglass epoxy tubes for boffer cores at great prices.   What is LARP?  LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and... >>