Mad August

We always feel a bit of a rush in August at Goodwinds – kiteflying demand for carbon, fiberglass, and line goes sky high, LARPers are making boffers and holding retreats, and industry demand for carbon fiber rods and tubes keeps up at a strong pace (carbon is... >>

Weekend Kitefly in Bellingham

Recently, Leland, Paul, Hector, and Derrick met some friends in Bellingham, WA for a sunny kitefly in the park. Derrick was, apparently, the designated kite rescuer. Paul taught Hector the basics and he quickly surpassed all expectations. Leland taught his friend,... >>

Three Quarter Inch Solid Carbon Rod

Goodwinds is now fully stocked on some beautiful .750 inch diameter solid carbon rod.  This solid carbon fiber has a lustrous finish and is perfectly straight.  Strong and light (compared to, say, steel), this 3/4 inch carbon rod is ideal for reinforcing big... >>

Bridle Line Bonanza

About a year and a half ago, the bridle line industry in the United States dried up.  Came to a screeching halt.  Died a sudden death.  And all the kite flyers, windsurfers, and backpack makers (bridle line is used as tensioners on backpacks, did you know?) were... >>

Lazer Mic-ing Carbon Tubes

Some of Goodwinds’ customers require extremely straight rods and tubes for their applications.  Perhaps their end products are precision tools used in physics labs or aeronautics.  Perhaps a super-straight rod helps their arrows fly true or the airplane stay in... >>