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Paul de Bakker Joins Goodwinds Staff

Friday, June 18th, 2010 welcomes Paul de Bakker to our staff!  Paul has joined us as the Deputy Director of Sales, and he brings to Goodwinds his extensive knowledge of carbon and fiberglass (he has a degree in Composites Engineering!) as well as his vast experience designing, building, and flying kites.

Paul is originally from Holland, and he has lived in the United States for the past couple of years with his wife, Delita.  During that time, he formed his own boutique kite company, Focus Kite Designs, with a longtime friend and fellow kiteflyer, Hunter Brown.  The two design and build upscale, high-quality kites for shipment all over the world.

We at Goodwinds lured Paul and Delita away from North Carolina with the promise of hiking Washington’s beautiful mountains, kiteboarding in the fantastic Puget Sound, and participating in kite competitions, such as the Washington State International Kite Festival, in the Pacific Northwest.  Paul is quite the competitor, routinely placing in both indoor and outdoor kite competitions:


 We are so excited to have Paul with us at  He’s young, he’s fun, and he’s extremely knowledgeable.  He will be working with a variety of industries, including hobby and RC stores, to meet their carbon and fiberglass needs.  Drop us a line and say hello to Paul today!

Blue Line Bonanza!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

One of the great product lines Goodwinds inherited from Avia Sport Composites is Blue Line.  Blue Line is a renowned, pre-stretched spectra product, and Avia sold it as a line set and by the spool.  We currently have a great selection of the line sets, which include a winder, straps, and two (or four) sleeved lines for you kite. 

This is quite the experiment for Goodwinds.  As you know, we have always sold bulk spectra line.  This is our first foray into line sets, and we hope it turns out wonderfully.  We know that Blue Line has a great reputation as some of the world’s best flying line.  Let us know what you think!