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Goodwinds Welcomes New Employees

Friday, April 16th, 2010

With the recent purchase of Avia Sport Composites, Goodwinds has been ramping up our packing and cutting operations.  To that end, we have hired a few employees and we would like to introduce them to you over the next couple of weeks.  Today, please welcome John and Derrick:

This is John.  John comes to us twice a week while he works on his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Western Washington University.  He mostly helps us cut carbon and move things around, but it’s sure nice knowing that there is a computer expert in the room.

This is Derrick.  Derrick technically has a full-time job across the parking lot at a screenprinting company, but he likes us better, so he comes over to help out when he can.  He’s been a great help cutting carbon and keeping us entertained with riddles.

We are fortunate at Goodwinds to have some of the best employees in the world. Purchases Avia Sport Composites

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 has purchased competitor Avia Sport Composites and is currently moving all of Avia’s business assets to Goodwinds’ Mount Vernon location.  Avia was located in Hickory, North Carolina and was in business for 15 years.  We have already hired our first couple of employees, and we’ll introduce them to you here within the next few days.  They are great guys and doing an excellent job cutting carbon!

Kurt Degener, owner of Avia Sport Composites, has decided to retire from business to pursue personal interests and world travel.  He asked Goodwinds to purchase Avia because of the high level of service Goodwinds can offer to former Avia customers.  We want to make sure that this transition is smooth, but we know it will be a bit of a bumpy ride.  We have already ordered far more carbon than we have ever kept in stock before – this means that within a few weeks, we will very likely always have lots of inventory of even the most obscure sizes of carbon!  Additionally, we now own several proprietary Avia connectors and fittings, as well as the G-Force wrapped carbon tubes.  We will begin new production on the connectors and tubes as soon as possible.

To accomodate all the new orders, we have added additional warehouse space and a dedicated cutting area across the parking lot from our current location. 

We at are excited about this new stage of business and we are confident that we can continue to offer excellent service.  Visit for more information on Goodwinds as well as the fine carbon and fiberglass offered.